4 Inventive Toys To Sharpen Your Child’s Social And Emotional Skills

4 Inventive Toys To Sharpen Your Child’s Social And Emotional Skills

If there’s one activity that kids cannot truly live without, it’s play time. According to psychologists and child-care experts, play time provides children with lots of opportunities for developing their social and emotional skills. While each child develops his emotions and social skills differently, play time can help children generally become creative and physically active. It also builds their emotional strength. Here are a couple of wholesome and inventive toys that can sharpen their budding social and emotional abilities.

1. Indoor Paint and Play Set

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The Indoor Paint and Play Set by Primo is one of the best cheap games and toys for kids, especially in terms of developing their social and emotional capabilities. The toy allows them to enjoy the freedom to play a wide array of activities, while encouraging active and social play.

The Indoor Paint and Play Set helps develop the child’s listening and learning skills, likewise, helps develop social competition. What’s great is that kids will be able to paint their toys too, which in fact allows them to be creative in crafting their own designs.

2. Colour Stack Game by Thomas and Friends

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The Colour Stack Game by Thomas And Friends allows kids to roll the dice, select a color, and then push or pull, matching colored blocks from the stack. When placing blocks on top of each other, player makes sure to do it without toppling them. This innovative toy helps kids enhance their color-matching abilities, eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity.

The Colour Stack Game also encourages concentration and patience, while actively promoting logic and problem solving. Older kids can also have a fun time building the tower back again, which in turn promotes independent play, without the need for parents and guardians to constantly supervise them.

3. The Pictionary Frame Game

The Pictionary Frame Game allows kids to enjoy playing the famous Pictionary, in a whole new way. Youngsters will also enjoy using their creativity to draw and act out clues. All they need to do is choose the clue from the cards, and decide how they want to play.

This Pictionary game helps sharpen a child’s imagination and thinking outside-the-box. It teaches him how to effectively work with his teammates. Additionally, the game also helps him enhance his ability to empathize with other kids, by trying to guess their clues.

4. Suteki! Stencil Station

Suteki is a Japanese word which means “awesome”, and kids of course, will find the Suteki! Stencil Station a truly awesome toy. By using the pink star stamper and the layered stencils, kids can paint and fashion any design to put on their walls.

The Suteki game set comes with paint and 9 stencils, along with a mini art studio where they can perform the stenciling. Having very easy instructions, it effectively enhances imaginative play and creative skills, while fostering healthy social activity among friends.

According to most child-care experts, when children play, their social skills, as well as their emotional capabilities, are bolstered. It’s because during play they can practice their verbal and non-verbal communication, body language and release of emotions. These creative games for kids also help them respond to their peers’ or playmates’ feelings and reactions.

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