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Cheap Games and Toys for Kids – Ideas for Every Age Group

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Children can be extremely creative whenever playtime rolls around. A simple cardboard box, for instance, can become a spaceship, a car, and then a house – all in the space of an hour or less. This alone demonstrates how important play is for a child. Not only does it help fine-tune motor skills, movement, and how they see the world, but, it also strengthens the imagination and, as they start to play with their peers, improves social skills. The best part is that, inducing play doesn’t have to be expensive. There are cheap games and toys for kids available for all age groups. 1. Infants and toddlers aren’t too fussy about their toys, as long as they’re stimulating. Babies, especially, would much rather play with you, the parent, especially if you’re smiling at them. Once they start exploring the larger world beyond your arms, you’ll want to carry them less and less. Instead, let them explore on their own, and give them a few companions to share the journey, such as the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy. This plush puppy has two modes that are activated by pressing the button on its left foot. 10 classic sing-along songs for kids, including “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” and “Pat-a-Cake”, are sure to engage your child’s love of music. In learning mode, this cuddly companion will introduce your toddler to shapes, numbers, and the ABCs. 2. Preschoolers have moved past the basics and will probably have started learning to read. They’ll need something more stimulating, plus toys that help get their creative juices flowing. Simple jigsaw puzzles are ideal, and so are musical instruments. The Plan Toy Oval Xylophone and the Plan Toy Solid Wood Drum are examples of the latter. Meanwhile, something like the Plan Toy Shape and Sort it Out will connect to what they learned as toddlers, as far as shapes are concerned. You can even introduce your preschool-age child to the concept of cooperative play, by helping them build something out of, say, a Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set. Each piece is brightly coloured and goes beyond the usual cube shape building blocks have. So, they can really let their imagination run wild. 3. School-age children are now old enough to play both on their own and with a group. They’re now also more interested in games that involve movement. Home-made obstacle courses are a good idea. Classic games like hide-and-seek are also ideal, and you can use, say, the Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Tube Blaster to give tag a water-gun twist. Some children will love seeing concepts they learned in school, building on what they’ve already learned. A science lesson on metamorphosis, for instance, will really come alive for a child watching caterpillars become pupae, and then butterflies. Something like the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden will help. Speaking of classic games for kids, don’t forget board games like Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, or even Jenga Classic Game – even if it isn’t technically...

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4 Inventive Toys To Sharpen Your Child’s Social And Emotional Skills

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If there’s one activity that kids cannot truly live without, it’s play time. According to psychologists and child-care experts, play time provides children with lots of opportunities for developing their social and emotional skills. While each child develops his emotions and social skills differently, play time can help children generally become creative and physically active. It also builds their emotional strength. Here are a couple of wholesome and inventive toys that can sharpen their budding social and emotional abilities. 1. Indoor Paint and Play Set The Indoor Paint and Play Set by Primo is one of the best cheap games and toys for kids, especially in terms of developing their social and emotional capabilities. The toy allows them to enjoy the freedom to play a wide array of activities, while encouraging active and social play. The Indoor Paint and Play Set helps develop the child’s listening and learning skills, likewise, helps develop social competition. What’s great is that kids will be able to paint their toys too, which in fact allows them to be creative in crafting their own designs. 2. Colour Stack Game by Thomas and Friends The Colour Stack Game by Thomas And Friends allows kids to roll the dice, select a color, and then push or pull, matching colored blocks from the stack. When placing blocks on top of each other, player makes sure to do it without toppling them. This innovative toy helps kids enhance their color-matching abilities, eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity. The Colour Stack Game also encourages concentration and patience, while actively promoting logic and problem solving. Older kids can also have a fun time building the tower back again, which in turn promotes independent play, without the need for parents and guardians to constantly supervise them. 3. The Pictionary Frame Game The Pictionary Frame Game allows kids to enjoy playing the famous Pictionary, in a whole new way. Youngsters will also enjoy using their creativity to draw and act out clues. All they need to do is choose the clue from the cards, and decide how they want to play. This Pictionary game helps sharpen a child’s imagination and thinking outside-the-box. It teaches him how to effectively work with his teammates. Additionally, the game also helps him enhance his ability to empathize with other kids, by trying to guess their clues. 4. Suteki! Stencil Station Suteki is a Japanese word which means “awesome”, and kids of course, will find the Suteki! Stencil Station a truly awesome toy. By using the pink star stamper and the layered stencils, kids can paint and fashion any design to put on their walls. The Suteki game set comes with paint and 9 stencils, along with a mini art studio where they can perform the stenciling. Having very easy instructions, it effectively enhances imaginative play and creative skills, while fostering healthy social activity among friends. According to most child-care experts, when children play, their social skills, as well as their emotional capabilities, are bolstered. It’s because during...

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Cheap Games And Toys To Make Your Babies Smarter

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Let’s face it, every parent wants, or sometimes wants to think, their little ones are gifted, or so, to some degree. It’s a natural-born instinct of any parent to think and want the best for their children. Psychologists say that it’s part of being territorial – parents become extremely up on the business of their tykes like they own them, which to some extent, is true. While it’s incredibly nice to make your little one a version of you, this generation’s parents are more into discovering the individual genius of their offspring. From activities to cheap games and toys for kids that can help in the young ones’ cognitive and physical growth, it’s imperative for parents to present their kids to be as smart as they can be. Everyone wants a smart baby. Thus, for parents, here are some incredibly good-looking, safe and mind-inspiring toys that you can buy for them: Toys that can double as a puzzle The popular plastic house with shapes in it is a classic example. For children six months to two years old, it’s incredibly ridiculous to give them a whole jigsaw puzzle set. Not only are these choking hazards; your toddlers will not have any idea what to do with it. Start instead with those toys which subtly encourage problem-solving skills. Toys with bold colors in them Statistically, a toddler can process at least 5,000 pieces of information everyday. The period between the first three months and five years is the time where a kid develops his cognitive functions. He learns to speak, identifies colors, sounds and family as well. To help your child follow through with this transition, get colorful blocks in different shapes and make him classify them. It’s also important that as a parent, you spend play time with your tot and introduce him to new things. When the minor starts questioning things, you can use his toys to explain your point. This way, you can associate the toys with an unbelievably fun activity. Moreover, it’s also a source of knowledge. Toys that are shaped like something – letters, vegetables, and fruits Object and color association is very fundamental to boost the cognitive development of a child. For example, a toy that’s shaped like a carrot and is orange will be identified by the child in two categories: as a carrot, and as the color ‘orange’. He then, wonders why the thing is orange and starts to associate that color with the object or the opposite. Get a variety of these types of toys for your baby. Install the letters on a cork board in his room or choose the ones which are glow-in-the-dark and hang them on the ceiling or above his bed for him to stare at before he goes to sleep and first thing to see in the morning. Toys that intrigue your child This is true. Take your child toy shopping with you and whatever catches his fancy, get it. There are those which will get...

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6 Best Educational Cool Kid Games and Toy For 2015

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Here’s a blessing for your kids who didn’t acquire some sensational games and toys last year. We waded into Toy Land and discovered numerous wacky science labs, stargazing sets, and tactic-filled recreations! We’re hoping that you’ll like any educational toys from the list for your gifted little ones. Here’s what we’ve found – 6 educational cool kid games and toys! 1. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Kit Educational Just by playing with Snap Circuits, children can  develop an appreciation for ordinary things like clocks and doorbells. This toy comes with guidelines on how to use the 30-part set to make 101 fun gadgets. Your kid will love making a flying saucer, or a voice-controlled light. There are no gears needed. Rather, all parts are mounted on plastic modules and they snap together like building squares. Recommended Ages: 8+ 2. Edu Science Wacky Lab Mind Blowing Science Lab This extreme science lab incorporates pipettes, test tubes, and more for wannabe scientists! Kids can impress their companions with Goliath, home-developed gems or a self-made, color-changing volcano. This science kit includes 11 fun tests and exercises. There’s a set of regulated guidelines that clarify the science behind every test and exercise. Recommended Ages: 8+ 3. Littlebits Space Kit Let your little ones construct models of a genuine shuttle with this marvelous NASA-affirmed unit. They can even attempt NASA’s five-lesson systems and 10 STEM exercises. For instance, piecing together a small scale Mars rover that resembles NASA’s own “Opportunity rover.” Another thing is figuring out how to play music remotely in an uniquely crafted space station. In an alternate experiment, kids who are “wannabe scientists” can learn by examining the light spectrum in an activity with a CD, white paper and a brilliant LED light. Recommended Ages: 8+ 4. Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32-Piece Set Kids can forge interesting geometric models with translucent squares and triangles. The 3-inch (7.6 centimeter) magnetized tiles can aid your little ones into  fabricating their engine and tactile skills. This will also show them the distinction between equilateral, isosceles, and right triangles. The rainbow-colored plastic shapes can be utilized for guided exercises or creative play as kids create flat or three-dimensional models. Recommended Ages: 3+ 5. Amazing Live Sea Monkey’s Ocean Zoo Salt water shrimp may be little, however they can still influence sea currents –  and catch a kid’s attention as they incubate and develop. Pop in the instant-live eggs of these exotic ocean creatures, as they fill the tank with water and attach the water purifier. When hatched, the shrimp (sea monkeys) can be fed using the food packets, and a spoon. Your kids can watch the tiny creatures develop and contrast the sea monkeys’ development to real life using illustrations in a book. Recommended Ages: 6+ 6. Nancy B’s Science Club Moonscope and Journal Nancy Balter was previously a center school math and science instructor, who now makes a line of exploratory apparatuses with journal tasks! Her lightweight telescope for “budding astronomers” can be assembled without instruments....

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Toys and Games for Kids: 7 Great Gift Ideas

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Whenever holidays and birthdays near, so do the trips to the nearest toy store for the ‘perfect’ gift for the little ones. Even with the many choices available, you sometimes end up second-guessing, or else wondering if you can find something of similar quality but not so expensive. Fortunately, it is possible to do both, with a website like Cheap Games and Toys for Kids. It has a range of products, all at affordable prices. Even if your kid is in a particular age group, you’re sure to find something to suit him or her. Here are some examples. 1. Wonderworld New Stacking Rings. Brightly coloured and big enough that they present no choking hazard, this toy is a twist on the playroom staple – building blocks. It won’t hurt to have a set handy, along with this stacking ring set. Such a toy will help your little one learn about size and colours, all while they’re having fun. If you’re looking for a gift for an infant or young toddler, this is a good idea. 2. Plan Toy Shape and Sort it Out Set. Like the toy mentioned above, this takes care of several skills at once. Not only does it help teach about different colours, it also helps the little one recognise shapes. If your concern is developing early logical thinking, this toy can also take care of that. 3. Little Tikes Totsports T-ball Set. This early introduction to the world of ball sports is sure to help your boy or girl settle down, if only long enough to hit the ball. The stand is adjustable, so you can raise or lower it depending on your toddler’s height. If you’re looking for a toy that will help hone dexterity and hand-eye coordination, this is it. 4. Plan Toy Tea Set. Not only are toddlers filled with what seems like boundless energy, but they’re also more and more curious about the world and how things work. This includes a desire for toys that look and work like the real thing. With this tea set, you don’t have to worry about cups or saucers breaking, and you can let imagination flow. 5. Fix-it Tool Box. Just like the aforementioned tea set, this toolbox with imitation carpentry tools will delight an older toddler with a budding propensity for building things. They can learn to measure, ‘fix’, and build, with the wooden pieces, plastic screws and tools. 6. Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden. Is your little one showing an interest in the natural world? If so, they’ll love this collapsible, reusable habitat that will introduce him or her to the wonders of metamorphosis. Let them take care of the 5 butterfly larvae that come with the habitat. 7. Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Tube Blaster 2-Pack. These water guns will make for great fun on the lawn or near the pool. Each gun can hold up to 10 ounces of water, and soaking the target is as easy as pulling back the...

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Traveling with Children: 5 Types of Toys and Games for Kids to Bring

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“Are we there yet?” – is the most common question a parent hears when traveling with their little ones. Taking a trip with your child is possible and actually fun, just make sure you’re equipped with toys that will keep them busy for the ride ahead. If your child is not a seasoned traveler and you’ll be embarking on a very long trip, better pack up on some cool games for kids. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, a Wooden Puzzle Fidget or a simple car will do the trick. Tips For Choosing Toys #1: Don’t go overboard Surprisingly, kids only need a few toys on the road, so, don’t bring too much! In fact, you need to leave enough space in your luggage to bring home any new toys you might buy during your holiday. Traveling with your little one is a wonderful opportunity to introduce them to the different toys from around the world. Look for long lasting, simple hand made toys because this will definitely help enhance their imagination. #2: Coloring supplies Notebooks, crayons, pencils, stickers and coloring books are the ultimate travel toy. These are easy to pack, cheap and can be played in any destination you will go. Aside from playing toys, they also spend their time coloring and putting stickers on their favorite art materials. #3: Comfort or favorite toy It’s often a good idea to bring any attachment toys during the trip. However, there might be a possibility that these might get lost. With that, insist on letting that toy stay in the hotel room while you’re all out. If they want to bring it, then keep them in the backpack every time your child finishes playing with it. If your child has a special attachment to that toy, you might want to buy a duplicate and leave it at home. That way, if the original gets lost, you can also fake a call from Grandma saying that his favorite toy managed to find its way home. #4:  Doctor set A toy doctor’s set is perfect whenever Mommy and Daddy are tired from walking around and just want to lay down in the hotel. Being the patient, you can rest while the kids take care of you. You can also include some band aids and bandage to make them feel they’re really the doctors taking care of a sick patient. #5: Lego or Meccano For older kids, building blocks like the Mega Bloks First Builders or LEGO Bricks and More 10662 Creative Bucket are wonderful. Who knows, they might get creative and start making a landmark your family encountered! However, just stick to the general set or those that have multiple pieces in case a certain piece gets lost. Create wonderful memories during your trip. Don’t consider it as a struggle just because you weren’t able to bring a toy, causing your child to whine and cry. Think of the many exciting toys and games for kids you can...

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